Leading-edge Waterproofing

WaterproofingSPRAYLetner specialists are experts in the selection and application of roofing and waterproofing materials. Using modern applicators, top-quality materials, proven and leading-edge techniques, we create a complete weather-resistant system that protects the entire coverage area. Application expertise includes: hot, cold and torch applied, as well as hot-air welding and self-adhering membranes.

Waterproofing: Deck, Slab or Below-grade Applications

Protect property wherever weather threatens with Letner’s all-climate waterproofing program. Materials are carefully chosen and meticulously matched with your structure’s unique environmental profile, assuring the highest level of long-term, damage-resistant protection.

Letner’s waterproofing expertise

  • Hot rubberized membranes
  • Cold fluid applied
  • Sheet membranes
  • Welded membranes
  • Methane gas liners
  • Deck coatings
  • Paver and pedestal systems

Common Structures we Service

  • Garage decks
  • Plazas
  • Podiums
  • Promenades
  • Below-grade and intra-slab waterproofing
  • Balconies and terraces